Startup/ E-Commerce Financial Model Excel Template
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Startup/ E-Commerce Financial Model Excel Template

A detailed eCommerce Financial Model brought to you by CFI to help you successfully model your business.

This eCommerce Financial Model, brought to you by CFI, is an extremely detailed yet straightforward Excel spreadsheet.

This ready-to-use Excel model has a variety of components, enabling the user to confidently model their business. As with financial modeling in general, this tool, specific to eCommerce, carries multiple benefits. Upon completion, the user is able to examine the financials of an eCommerce business. Additionally, it allows for better consideration regarding the viability of the business idea, alongside detailed data for internal budgeting and planning.

The components include:

- eCommerce business assumptions: These assumptions are required to be formulated in order to drive the business

- 3 statement model: This includes the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

- Supporting schedules: These tools can calculate depreciation, debt, and interest.

- Customer metrics: Of particular importance to an e-commerce business (also named unit economics).

- Valuation: This allows for valuation calculation, determining company worth.

This downloadable model also contains a section with charts and graphs. This is another extremely important characteristic as it provides a clear visual to help comprehension of the dataset. Accompanying this Excel eCommerce spreadsheet is a video providing an in-depth tutorial on the model.

If you have any questions regarding this model or the video, do not hesitate to reach out by starting a discussion below.

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