COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker Template
Originally published: 02/10/2020 08:07
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COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker Template

Track your employee’s health, work hours and compliance during the COVID-19 crisis with this Employee Health Tracker.

COVID-19 has it’s grip on the world and it’s here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it’s vital that organizations get back to ‘normal’ while also complying with regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Tracking employee health is a key aspect of the ‘new normal’ working conditions.

This COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker Template keeps tabs on your employee’s health status, manage employee timesheets and check employee’s compliance to the government health regulations.

Features of this template:
Dashboard shows a break down via charts and diagrams. There is no time frame for this template thanks to the dropdown date selection. You can follow individual employees and see their data in relation to the selected dates. The dashboard consists of four sections.
1. Tracking sheet
Where you input the daily health status of your employees. Measure their temperature and input it into the column, the risk level of the employee is automatically displayed. You can also note things such as symptoms for your records.
2. Employee Timesheet
Manage your employees weekly and monthly work hours. The time frame can be selected from the dashboard section. You can also mark the days that the employee is working by selecting the ‘x’ in the dropdown menu.
3. Control checklist
Here is where you can input your list that you wish to regularly control. You can enter more detailed information in the explanatory section and rank the priority of each regulation as low, medium or high. This enables you to follow the most important COVID-19 regulations in the workplace. The last column shows the checked or unchecked regulations. If there is nothing inside this column be sure to check why that is, as it may mean you are not following vital regulations in the workplace.
4. Settings
Here you can enter employee names and their personal information and specify which departments or risk levels or temperatures.

Other Information:
Track Employee health during the pandemic.
Ready-to-use and printable.
Notes included.
Functional on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel versions 2010 and later.

This Best Practice includes
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