Standard Financial Model for Excel and Google Sheets
Originally published: 12/06/2020 13:34
Last version published: 18/02/2021 08:32
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Standard Financial Model for Excel and Google Sheets

Five year financial model template for fundraising and business planning for entrepreneurs and startups.

Five year financial model template for Excel or Google Sheets with prebuilt three statements - consolidated income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows - and key charts, summaries, metrics, and funding forecasts. Used by pre-seed, Seed, A, B, and post-funding stage companies. Works with subscription and transaction businesses, marketplaces, physical products, and more. Unlocked - edit anything - last updated in June 2020.

Built for subscription, SaaS (consumer and enterprise), ecommerce, retail, hardware, manufacturing, marketplaces, apps, physical products, and more types of businesses.

- Forecast revenues, operating expenses, hiring plans, cash and runway, financial statements, funding needs, cap table, valuation, and more.
- Prebuilt to handle a variety of business models, including subscription and recurring revenue businesses like SaaS and subscription commerce, recurring userbase businesses like advertising-supported media or transaction marketplaces, one-time and repeat transaction businesses like ecommerce, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or mixed revenue models that include one-time and recurring revenue streams like hardware. Use the dropdown to select the business model, and the model will automatically update the base setup to your business type
- Infinitely flexible to your specific growth and revenue model, add in any custom growth channel, conversion logic, revenue stream, and easily use in the model
- Use the Unit Economics sheet to detail the unit economics of the business and show the cash flows on a single user, subscriber, of client over time, accounting for acquisition and retention costs, showing net income, breakeven, and lifetime value
- Optionally, automatically calculate inventory levels and inventory purchases based on forecasted cost of sales
- Created to be a tool to forecast as well as manage your organization on a regular basis
- Pull in actual financial results from your accounting software - Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, etc. - and update regularly. Automatically creates rolling forecasts and budget variances to compare your actuals to the forecast
- Segment your business into product lines, business segments, market segments, or geographies to automatically create disaggregated profit and loss statement on annual basis to show relative contribution of each business, product, or geography to overall profit and loss on basis of revenues, gross margin, and net income (optional)
- Prebuilt valuation using discounted cash flow (DCF), EBITDA multiple and revenue multiple valuation methodologies (optional)
- Manually input fundraising (equity, debt, convertible notes, SAFEs, grants) or let model automatically calculate future forecasting rounds and timing based on expected cash flows (optional)
- Simple cap table automatically updates share ownership, dilution, convertible conversion, and ownership value and returns based on fundraising rounds and valuation (optional)
- Creates summaries and key reports using industry-standard metrics to help you clearly communicate your business.

Easy to edit
Edit anything; all cells and formulas are unlocked for editing and transparency, add on or edit for your specific situation.

Used by founders and executives
Made for founders, executives — CEO, CFO, COO, VP of Finance — or advisors, mentors, or consultants that need to create a model for an idea-stage, pre-seed, seed, A, or B stage company.

Easy to Use
Standards-based, extensively tested and used by thousands of companies across a wide variety of business types, revenue models, and needs.

Extensive Documentation
Extensive notes inside the model explaining inputs, structure, and how to use. Detailed documentation and how-to-videos available on the web.

Personal Support
Built by a professional financial modeler with 20 years of experience as an investor and running forecasting inside startups. Responsive, personal support — chat, call, or email — and available for custom services. Updates distributed to registered users for free.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel .xlsx file, no macros, all cells open for editing, upload to Google Sheets if desired

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Further information

Rock-solid financial model to use for managing businesses and raising capital.

Physical or digital businesses with recurring or transaction-style businesses: ecommerce, consumer SaaS, small-medium business SaaS, enterprise SaaS, manufacturing, hardware, hardware and software, subscription and transaction businesses, and flexible enough to build any custom revenue stream to match the exact needs of the business.

Consumer financial services (banks, insurance), real estate investments


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