Stock & Inventory Tracker
Originally published: 04/05/2020 09:17
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Stock & Inventory Tracker

Monitor your inventory thanks to this Tracker. Planning, tracking and managing your inventory has never been easier.

Keeping a close watch on your incoming and outgoing stocks is crucial to maintain productivity of your business. It can be a very complex task, especially if you have a vast inventory with a large number of products to track. This Stock & Inventory Template will help you manage your inventory easily and efficiently. Finally you will be able to follow each product or category effortlessly within a given time period.

Sold products tracking can be an excellent tool supporting you when building your more efficient business strategy. This Stock & Inventory Tracker will help you achieve it. How does it work? Simply insert your:
- category and product list,
- received orders and sales (related to given sections).

After you have inserted your data, you will be able to monitor the following properties of your products: Inventory Quantity (after all purchases and sales), Cost of Inventory Quantity, Cost of Sold Quantity, Profit and Total Revenue.

- Items List: In this section, you insert your data accordingly and choose from the given options (available in the drop-down menu).

Initial Quantity stands for the already existing level of stock.
Alert level is the minimal quantity level that you are willing or allowed to have.
Remarks is a section left for additional comments.

- Received Products and Sales:
In this section, you can insert data regarding: Dates, Codes (here you can choose any item from the the Item List that you have previously inserted), Quantity and Price.
Category, Products and Unit columns have been automated for you.

A complete overview of your stock and inventory will support your decisions regarding your strategy as well as sales and purchases optimization. Thanks to this Tracker, you will also be able to quickly notice any stock shortages (as a result of the alert levels that you can determine for each and every product).

- simple Excel model,
- included: Dashboard and Overall Inventory Report,
- Data Input Sections for: Items, Sales and Received Products,
- notes with additional information included,
- ready to use without installation,
- compatible with Mac and Windows,
- for Excel 2013 and later versions,
- without any VBA macros.

The Stock & Inventory Tracker is a ready-to-use Excel Template. Should you require any customisation, please contact us on our Eloquens Channel:

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