Startup Viral Growth Excel Model
Originally published: 06/11/2017 14:57
Last version published: 06/11/2017 15:00
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Startup Viral Growth Excel Model

Modeling viral growth at your startup: excel model and explanatory article to walk you through the spreadsheet.

Most people have heard of the phrase 'to go viral.' But very few actually know how to model 'going viral' in Excel.

This model can:
-Where you have viral aspirations, help you to have a deeper understanding of, and enable you to forecast user growth.
-Help you to raise VC by building a fundraising model using this model.
-Help you to highlight all the key drivers of virality and to help you understand exactly how it works.

This model is detailed meaning you can actually use it, unlike simplified models.

Find out more about Virality at where you can read also:
1. A Basic Overview of K Factor in Viral Growth Models for your Startup
2. The Viral Cycle Time

This Best Practice includes
1 Downloadable Viral Growth model, 1 explanatory PDF Document

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