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What makes SaaS businesses different?

The problem is that recurring revenue businesses are more complicated than traditional ones. When running an e-commerce business, you can rely on traditional metrics that won’t fail to capture all the drivers of your overall business performance. In the world of SaaS, however, it doesn’t work.

There are just a few variables that can make a huge difference to the results of future financial predictions. Thus, the challenge is to define these variables properly.

In the very end of the article, you’ll find a ready-to-use template of the model which is available for you. Sure enough, you can check out the template right away, but I’d recommend you read this post first, as it includes some need-to-know facts about model’s use, development, and reasoning in overall.

Each SaaS business model is based on the idea that a client could use software by purchasing it once a month or a year. The value of the service provided is not always clear, and the objectives of users could be hard to identify, that’s why a trial period is given in free trial business model. Once users can give one product a try, they can decide whether it’s worth their money or not.

Given this, I’ve identified the following metrics to rely on:

• new customers vs. lost customers (churn);

• total number of active users;

• new trials and trial-to-paid leads generated;

• churn rate (how many users unsubscribe each month);

• MRR (monthly recurring revenue discussed above);

• average lifetime revenue.

• Based on these metrics, the SaaS financial model predicts how your business should operate within a forecasted time period.

Extra features you should know about:

• this SaaS startup financial model includes all needed details for you to understand your customer's movement dynamics;

• you can manage the price of offerings and % churn from year to year;

• simple saas financial model does provide you with customer acquisition cost assumptions - which is essential.

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