Excel Gantt Chart Template

This Gantt Chart is a professional and logical Excel tool.

This Gantt Chart Maker is a fantastic Excel template model by Someka.

A Gantt Chart is a form of bar chart used to illustrate a project’s schedule. They are seen as a vital tool for project management. One can see the individual tasks, the duration of each task, and importantly the sequencing as well. Moreover, one can see the total duration of the project and the expected date of completion.

This Gantt Chart from Someka is to be commended for its simplicity. Rather than downloading a new piece of software, this model does not require any additional downloads and opens in Excel. Rather than having to learn what can be a complex tool, the user can easily input their data into the actionable cells for automated results.

The Report Depth Feature allows the user to alter the view to their needs. The “Big Picture” feature allows you to see only the main tasks on the chart. Conversely, one can have a deeper display, convenient for the micro-management of sub-tasks.

The accompanying video offers a tutorial on how to use the Chart Maker. It also expertly demonstrates how to input data and read the outputs. In addition, the PDF attachment reinforces what is said in the video with visual guides.

This Excel Gantt Chart Maker is compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.

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