Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
  • Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
  • Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
  • Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
  • Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
  • Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
  • Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
  • Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast
Originally published: 19/05/2020 16:40
Last version published: 03/07/2020 17:43
Publication number: ELQ-92066-7
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Rolling 13 Week Cashflow Forecast

A comprehensive cashflow forecasting model with sensitivity analysis and the ability to roll forward built in.

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An Excel spreadsheet based 13 week cashflow forecast model.

** Simple and clear reports **
The model has two reports designed to give you a clear and insightful view of your cashflow forecast: A cashflow dashboard and a 13 week overview of cashflow movements and key balances.

** Sensitivity Analysis **
Review the impact of changes in your assumptions on your forecast with ease.
What happens if your sales are lower than you expected? What if your debtors days increases from 30 to 45 days. What is the impact on a customer telling you they can’t pay that large invoice for another two weeks?
See the impact on your forecast cashflow position with a few simple changes to your assumptions.

** Debtors and Creditors at the Click of a Button **
Connect to Xero through the DataDear add-in to download invoice level detail for your debtors and creditors. Option to adjust due dates on invoice-by-invoice basis to see the impact on your cashflow.

** A 13 Week Rolling Forecast **
The model displays a live 13 week forecast that can be rolled forward easily each time you would like to reforecast.

** VAT Liability **
Estimated VAT liability automatically calculated based on your input sales and purchases.

** A Focus on Balances **
Whilst it is very important to focus on your forecast cash balance when forecasting your cash position you should never lose sight of the balances on your key balance sheet accounts, namely:
• Debtors – Is the amount your customers owe you increasing or decreasing over the 13 weeks?
• Creditors – Is the amount you owe your suppliers increasing or decreasing over the 13 weeks?
• How much VAT do you owe at the end of the 13 weeks?
• What do you need to pay out to your staff in net wages?
• What PAYE & NICs and pension is still outstanding?

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel spreadsheet and comprehensive userguide

Acquire business license for $145.00

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  • Ayo Banjoko(last updated: 17/07/2020 07:37)
  • Arhat Bhagwatkar(last updated: 06/07/2020 06:22)
  • Ravuama Nayago(last updated: 05/07/2020 20:42)
  • Mike Clark(last updated: 04/07/2020 15:21)
  • Hakim Nasir(last updated: 04/07/2020 03:19)
  • Sharon W.(last updated: 03/07/2020 19:43)
  • Gabriel Adetayo(last updated: 25/06/2020 07:56)
  • Muhammad Zubair Syed CMA, MSc UK, MBA(last updated: 17/06/2020 13:45)
  • Talib Hussain Raja(last updated: 12/06/2020 16:22)
  • Ioannis Manthos(last updated: 10/06/2020 22:40)
  • Abhishek Verma21(last updated: 09/06/2020 09:52)
  • Freddie Allen(last updated: 06/06/2020 07:20)
  • Hallak Inc.(last updated: 04/06/2020 11:09)
  • Adam Tuffrey(last updated: 03/06/2020 20:25)
    Really useful template
    Easy to use, professional and, quite simply, just what I’ve needed for a long time.
  • Nikesh Valji(last updated: 02/06/2020 20:51)
    Very comprehensive tool
    This is a really good tool which allows any finance / non-finance professional to be able to hit the ground running as it's so easy to understand. Really good work Myles and Giles!
  • Amir Ganic(last updated: 02/06/2020 19:40)
    Very handy especially for small companies...Thanks
  • Martin Dell(last updated: 02/06/2020 11:16)
    Super useful, especially now
    Cash always has been king - but especially so now. We run a pre-pay subscription business so it's easy to get lost in MRR and other subscription-biased metrics. This simple tool helps keep our feet firmly in the reality of cash!
  • Louise Dell(last updated: 02/06/2020 10:43)
    Invaluable cashflow summary
    Love the simple dashboard with easy to understand visuals and KPIs. So brilliant to be able to forecast cashflow using data taken directly from Xero - vital to managing business (and missing from Xero). Excellent details and the rolling forecast is super-useful. Invaluable.
  • Michael Wiper(last updated: 02/06/2020 10:37)
    A brilliant cash flow tool
    Thanks guys this is really excellent. I've been frustrated by Xero for neglecting this and other apps I've used just don't work well. This is really effective and I have much clearer site of cash flow.
  • Kate Clarke(last updated: 02/06/2020 08:34)
  • Areeba Ajanee(last updated: 01/06/2020 08:06)
  • Hanan(last updated: 31/05/2020 21:09)
  • Andrew Bunting(last updated: 31/05/2020 09:53)
  • Abi Smith(last updated: 30/05/2020 18:47)
  • Wan Ching Yap(last updated: 30/05/2020 17:46)
  • Sharon Hayward(last updated: 29/05/2020 19:19)
  • Tebogo(last updated: 29/05/2020 11:30)
  • Mahmoud Mahfouz,MBA(last updated: 29/05/2020 05:59)
  • mohamed fawzy(last updated: 26/05/2020 18:37)
  • John Doe 777(last updated: 26/05/2020 12:56)

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