Fully Automated Stock Portfolio and Valuation Template
Originally published: 31/05/2020 09:16
Last version published: 10/07/2021 15:24
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Fully Automated Stock Portfolio and Valuation Template

Fully Automated G. Sheet template for Portfolio and Stock Valuation with live data from internet (for US listed stocks)

Once you get your own copy of this model, you will have full access to all features and be able to customize the template per your own needs.
To get your portfolio and valuation report, all you need to do is to add Ticker of your Stocks and Discount Factor for intrinsic value.
Add your tickers in "Trade Tracker" tab only, it will transfer to all other tabs.
See demo video and screenshots for more information.

Google Sheets file is located in Google drive, so you should have a google driver account.
If you would like to access your template through your smartphone, It's recommended that you install Google Sheet APK.

How to get your own copy of the model:

-Purchase/Download the MS word file "GoogleSheet_Link_Make_My_Copy.docx"with access link.
-Click on the Link, a new window will pop-up.
-Click on "Make a copy"
-You will have your own copy of the model in your google drive/google sheets

Bassir Ahmadzai

This Best Practice includes
1 GoogleSheet_Link_MakeMyCopy.docx

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Works best for USA listed stocks

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