Compared features of competition
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:10
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Compared features of competition

Show a clear comparison of your competitors' key features

Compare the features of four to six competitors in a visually intuitive format. This slide allows you to compare your competitors' relative performance across eight to twelve value propositions. The resulting slide will allow you to see instantly the relative strengths and weaknesses of the offers you have chosen to study.

This Best Practice includes
1 Powerpoint Model Slide, 1 Online Method

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Further information

Give a clear overview of your competitors' features. Using this visual format you will make the relative completeness of your competitors' features stand out. You will also be able benchmark your own value proposition against the key market actors. This process will illuminate your strategic and marketing decision-making process and bring your audience along with the results of your analyses.

• Convey the results of your market analysis in a visual representation
• Summarize complex analyses in just one page
• Create a self-explanatory benchmarking tool
• Make the singularities of your competitors' offers stand out
• Aid marketing decision-making with a powerfully intuitive format

Insert in:
• Market studies
• Benchmarks
• Strategic plans
• Marketing plans

Main sources:
• Competitors’ publications: websites contents, product information...
• External product reviews
• Existing reliable market studies or benchmarks
• Your own market watch tools and tests of your competitors' offers

• You want to compare several market participants product features
• You want to communicate the findings of your competitor evaluations
• You want to rate competitors and features against each other
• You want to show your results in rapidly comprehensible format
• You want to give the main results of your analyses without going into great detail

• You wish to rate the features of just one competitor
• You wish to give precise details or values about the features
• You want to compare more than six competitors

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