ESOP Plan Excel Template and Step by Step Guide to Retain and Attract Top Staff
Originally published: 15/11/2017 14:56
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ESOP Plan Excel Template and Step by Step Guide to Retain and Attract Top Staff

ESOP plan done in excel to help your business recruit and keep the best employees.

You need an ESOP plan, or employee stock ownership plan. There just has never been one available. So I built it. It’s taken me a year to ship it as it was really hard to make something simple!

Let me break this down for you. How do your staff get rich? Owning a stake in your startup, right? How do staff participate in the upside of your startup… they own options through a structure called an ESOP (Employee Share Option Plan).

Only what the hell does an ESOP plan look like and how do you structure up something really special? Well, thinking is really overrated, in my humble opinion. I’ve made an easy to follow Excel model that is super, duper powerful and does all the heavy lifting for you.

Yes… you do need to know things like what you pay staff, the date you are going to grant them shares (duh). You need to add in when you fundraise (to get diluted shares). You need to follow step by step instructions… but if you can handle all that, you have something pretty darn tootin nifty!

There is not another employee share ownership model on the internet (Lie, there is something unuseful), so if you want an ESOP template this is the ONLY one.

Instructions here:

This Best Practice includes
1 ESOP Plan Excel Template, 1 Link to SlideShare Step-by-Step guide

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