Cash Flow Statement Excel Template
Originally published: 04/03/2019 13:18
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Cash Flow Statement Excel Template

This is a highly professional, ready-to-use Cash Flow Statement template for analyzing your company's financials.

This is an extremely well-presented Cash Flow Statement Excel Template to help you record the cash and cash equivalents that enter and leave your company.

This tool is instantly downloadable and comes with an accompanying video to aid your understanding and utilization of the template.

The Cash Flow Statement (CFS) is a highly important method of analysing the success of your company regarding the control of its cash position.

Contained within this cash flow statement are three sheets:

Input Sheet - this section allows the user to enter data on:

- Operations (costs such as net sales revenue, payment to suppliers, and marketing expenses),
- Investments which are generated through purchasing and selling (includes the sale of property, loan collection, and purchase of securities)
- Finance (including the issuance of debt and debt repayment)

Dashboard, this section is a highly professional visualisation of your cash flow data.

Print Form, the final part of this Cash Flow Statement Template allows your data to be easily printed and sent as a more straightforward, simpler version.

This tool is compatible with Excel version 2007 and later. If you have any questions regarding the use or download of this tool don't hesitate to start a discussion below or reach out by private message via our Eloquens author channel.

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