Leverage Buy-Out (LBO) Excel Model
Originally published: 17/11/2018 10:46
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Leverage Buy-Out (LBO) Excel Model

A 7 Tab Excel LBO (Leverage Buyout) Spreadsheet for Investment Banking.

An LBO (Leverage Buyout) Model is highly useful and popular tool people usually ask for before taking an investment decision.

This Excel Model includes 7 tabs and each have their tab of their own importance.

1/ First we have to calculate purchase consideration then we have to decide the sources from where we have to fund that purchase consideration after considering and putting all values on the start page.

2/ The second page of the summary summarises the sources and use of funds.

3/ Then on 3rd tab we have to put the numbers of actual financials available with us.

4/ This will automatically calculate ratios essentially required to analyze the financial position on the 4th tab where there is the calculation of the adjusted balance sheet.

5/ The 5th tab is based on all assumptions. It will vary depending on the investor.

6/ The 6th tab is based on projected financial statements. It is totally based on all the previous assumptions

7/ Lastly, the 7th tab is for "return analysis" which will help us determine wether the investment opportunity is acceptable or not.

This LBO Excel Model is totally made as per my best knowledge though there may be some more improvements which I will keep updating from time to time.

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Investment Analysis and Projection

Combined with DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)



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