Consolidation Model Excel Template
Originally published: 12/06/2018 09:51
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Consolidation Model Excel Template

Excel model for consolidating and summarising the financial performance of your business.

This Excel model allows you to unify the financial performance of all your business' projects in one dedicated model. This allows you to draw together the financial information from your projects and create a consolidatory and summary dashboard.

Within this dashboard are a number of charts, which detail the:

- Monthly Corporate Earnings
- Yearly Project Earnings
- Yearly Project Profit Margin
- Employee Productivity Rate

Thus, this dashboard visualises some of the key financial information relating to all of your business' projects on both a monthly and yearly basis.

The other tabs within this model allow you to input your financial information relating to each project. In these tabs you can input data such as:

- Revenue
- Project Expenses
- Salaries and Benefits
- Equipment Expenses
- Billable and Non Billable Hours


These inputs are then used to calculate your total costs, profit margin, total work hours and productivity rates.

As such, you are able to conduct a thorough analysis of each of your projects in regard to its financial and productivity performance.

By using this model, you will be able to unite the financial analysis of all of your projects in one dedicated dashboard that will provide and visualise all of the key financial information.

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