Freelance Invoice Template
Originally published: 23/10/2019 11:04
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Freelance Invoice Template

This saves your customers details and creates an invoice according to their payment method.

This Freelance Invoice Template gathers the customers payment information, your bank details and your chosen payment method, which will automatically calculate and create an invoice.

Furthermore, the template saves your customers details in its database so you do not have to re-enter their details for each time an invoice is created, maximising time-efficiency.

My Details:
The personal details and automatic fees inserted here will appear automatically on your invoice. The table allows you to add different payment methods and expand it if you would like to get additional rows.

Customer Details:
Add your customers information to the table in order to import their address on the invoices. Here select the payment method that they are willing to pay, this is connected to my details.

Project Invoice:
For the Billed to Part, you must input the time taken to complete the job, the date of invoice issued and its due date.

For the following table regarding the project details, input the project name and milestones your customers created (if any). As you write its cost, the template will automatically calculate the Total Due including the selected Payment Type Fee. Please note that the date format that you should apply is DD/MM/YYYY.

Hourly Invoice:
Hourly Invoice is almost identical to the Project Invoice part. To do so insert your Project Name, your hourly rate, hours you worked for customers and the charge again.

• Ready-to-use Invoice Template for Freelance Work
• Two billing options: Hourly and Project Based
• Customer Database, Payment Details, Payment Fee’s
• Full Print Ready
• Informational notes included
• No installation needed.
• Ready to use.
• Works both on Mac and Windows
• Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
• Does not include any VBA macros

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