Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing presentation provides information on the process that connects data collection, spend analysis, market research, negotiation, and contracting

Strategic sourcing best practices include: digitizing documents, participating in a digital business network, and automating workflows.
Sourcing strategy deals with planning, designing and building a reliable and competitive supplier base, determining the strategy for procurement, defining pricing strategies and supply chain requirements.
Without a solid procurement strategy in place, there’s always a chance that operations will have to halt. If you can’t get access to the materials you need to make a product, then you must stop production until a suitable alternative is developed.

Infographic Powerpoint template -21 slides.

Content of the presentation is given below.

Slide 1.
Slide 2.
Slide 3.
Procurement Objectives
Slide 4
Supply Chain Management KPI
Slide 5.
Procurement Suppliers Compliance
Slide 6.
Quarterly Procurement Map
Slide 7.
Six-Month Procurement Map
Slide 8.
Strategic Sourcing
Slide 9.
Procurement vs. Strategic Sourcing
Slide 10.
Scope of Strategic Sourcing
Slide 11.
Share Best Practices
Slide 12.
Stages of Strategic Sourcing
Slide 13.
Stages of Strategic Sourcing (Cont.)
Slide 14.
Strategic Sourcing Process
Slide 15.
Strategic Sourcing Process: Step 1
Slide 16.
Strategic Sourcing Process: Step 2
Slide 17.
Strategic Sourcing Process: Step 3
Slide 18.
Strategic Sourcing Process: Step 4
Slide 19.
Strategic Sourcing Process: Step 5
Slide 20.
Strategic Sourcing Process: Step 6
Slide 21.
Strategic Sourcing Process: Step 7

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