Enterprise at its Best
Originally published: 29/09/2020 16:30
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Enterprise at its Best

Business Excellence is at your finger tips thanks to Tom Peters' 'Enterprise at its Best'!

Are you in a rut with your business and struggling to push through to achieve greater goals and targets? Tom Peters offers a chance for you to begin the journey to business excellence with his PDF, Enterprise at its Best.

This PDF document is one of the first in Tom's collection 'In Search of Excellence', which marks the starting point of his quests into Excellence, Brand You, Execution, Innovation, People, and Leadership.

What's this PDF about?
Tom raises various questions to you as a business professional. He challenges your perception of the fundamentals of organizing and organizations and what they could be in an ideal world. What type of organization do you want?

Tom encourages you to consider that 'People serving People' as the bottom line of organizations, and they exist to serve.

He brings to life the idea of competent survival and the goal of 'making it through the day' that so many professionals face, and how organisations should strive for more. But how? Well, Tom proposes that firms try the 'PSF' idea, proposing that it is central to reaching their full potential.

He concludes with why you mustn't let competitors rule your life and warns of the dangers of bad mouthing your competitors.

About the Author
Tom J. Peters is the coauthor of In Search of Excellence, the business book that changed the world.
Check out his latest book is The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence.

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