SIP Calculator for Retirement
Originally published: 19/07/2021 11:59
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SIP Calculator for Retirement

SIP for Retirement - Just enter your preferred data, get the SIP result

Investing early? Invest a part of your savings, make a portfolio, and voila! Spend your retirement in luxury. This is a user-friendly model. Spend a minute reading the description below and start investing.
This model assumes 3 timelines based on an individual's age and income capacity and suggests 3 different portfolios, each contributing proportionately to the retirement funds.
The first is a high period growth when a person has just started her job. A mix of risky and non-risk investments is suggested for this portfolio.
The second timeline is a medium growth period where an individual has high earnings and willingness to invest. The suggested portfolio, here, composes a mix of high return and low risk securities.
The third timeline is a period of stagnant growth where many people become less risk-averse. The portfolio suggested here mainly consists of low risk, low return choices.
The spreadsheet has taken many assumptions, all of which are self-explanatory and can be easily located and changed on an ad-hoc basis. Regardless, the spreadsheet is easy to navigate and understand, and can be customized by individuals as per their requirement.
Input numbers according to your job and get a portfolio suggestion. For any help or queries, contact me on my Social media profile.

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