Order Planning & Invoicing Excel Template
Originally published: 14/01/2020 08:59
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Order Planning & Invoicing Excel Template

The best solution for well-functioning inventory management. Record sales orders, invoices and release delivery orders!

Efficiency is crucial to a business' survival and success. It is therefore imperative that companies have effective and easy-to-use planning systems to account for all goods entering and leaving the business. Particularly in FMCG markets, companies are investing big in making sure their systems are productive and no products are unaccounted for.

This Order Planning and Invoicing Excel template is the perfect ERP platform for improving supply management. It proposes to connect all stakeholders along the supply chain with an integrated system that is both comprehensive and practical, as detailed below:

Customers -> Master Data -> Planning -> Purchase Orders -> Sales Orders -> Delivery and Invoices -> Product Report -> Charts & Report

It provides the solution to difficulties with recording sales and costs records, putting you back in control of your inventory management, whilst helping avoid the risk of obsolete stocks or running out of stock.

Here are the main features of this Excel template:

• Create or add new products or customers in a simple Master sheet, which provides automatic codes for each SKU and Customer
• Personalised and automatic inventory planning in the 24-month planning horizon, calculated using the Master Input Data
• In Purchase Order System, import from other system: Purchase Orders by Supplier
• Create Sales Orders by Customers with the automatic Sales Order number
• In Delivery Section, you can check and save invoices in PDF format, and pass them directly on to your consumers
• Release Deliveries for shipment and have your inventory automatically updated
• Finally, you can inspect the many dynamic charts and reports and save them as a PDF or transfer them to another report document you are creating

It's time for efficient management of the supply chain. With automatic features and reports, you will save time and effort with this user-friendly and intuitive Excel template.

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