Excel CRM Template
Originally published: 21/12/2020 08:54
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Excel CRM Template

Track your tasks, manage customer relations and schedule appointments and meetings with our Excel CRM Template.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the key to building long-lasting customer relationships, helping to generate and sustain customer loyalty. Grow your sales, increase customer loyalty and plan with our Excel CRM template.

Excel CRM Template Features:
Track your tasks, manage your schedule and keep on top of any meetings with our CRM template. There are 4 sections with data input and statistics.
1) Settings - Define your settings, prepare your processes and input your sales agents in this section of the template. You can assign colors to each task to signify its importance and determine lead statuses to observe all the tasks that are being completed at once.
2) Address book - Here is where your customer and leads information is found. Trak your current and potential customers at once by completing the status column.
3) Task list - Create tasks and add the necessary information about its goal, setting it as open when it is active or closed when it is completed.
4) Tasks and process records - This is where your active tasks are located and where you can follow up on your created tasks. Take notes, plan meetings, and decide the next steps. You can also filter the task by responsible person or task ID.

Based on these input sections, the template has a few helpful output tools.
1) Process Pipeline
2) Calendar
3) Salesperson performance
4) Task conversion

Excel CRM Template Features Summary:
• Manage your CRM in Excel
• Instructions included
• No installation needed
• Functional on both Mac and Windows
• Compatible with Excel versions 2013 and later

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