Renewable Energy Project Finance Model
Originally published: 21/08/2020 07:52
Last version published: 08/09/2021 07:55
Publication number: ELQ-86647-7
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Renewable Energy Project Finance Model

Financial Model for renewable energy projects in Excel.

This is a well-structured and tested financial model. With a wide range of functional flexibilities, it is suitable for almost every renewable energy type (wind, solar, hydro and biomass/biogas energy).
The model consists of the following parts/worksheets:
1. Inputs sheets: “TI Inputs” (i.e. time-independent inputs), “Monthly Inputs”, “Semester Inputs”, “Scenario Ctrl” (i.e. scenario control and selection)
2. Calculation sheets: “Construction”, “Operation”
3. Output sheets: “SFS” (i.e. semi-annual financial statements), “AFS” (i.e. annual financial statements), “Dashboard” (summary, charts, financial ratios)
Users are expected to fill-in only the inputs (yellow) sheets.
Users who obtain copies of this model should be aware of the following:
1. The model is a development version and is not completed. In this context, the model may require further modifications / improvements so that it will reflect specific transactional features, contingencies or potential future financial events;
2. The model may not have been subject to independent testing. The model cannot provide any degree of assurance. The financial forecasts in this model can only be considered as some possible financial results if all parameters and assumptions which were adopted turned out reasonable. The financial results may be materially affected by socio-economic environment as well as by other economy-affecting parameters;
3. No responsibility is taken or accepted for any losses which may result therefrom, including direct or indirect consequences of computer viruses.

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