Hotel Investment Appraisal Excel Model Template
Originally published: 26/09/2018 13:41
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Hotel Investment Appraisal Excel Model Template

Download this read-to-use Hotel Investment Appraisal to help assess the viability of an investment into a hotel.

This Hotel Investment Appraisal, created by Mahender Kumar Punhani, is presented in an Excel Spreadsheet. It offers an in-depth tool for one to use when attempting to identify whether an investment is worth pursuing, with particular focus on a hotel.

This tool will be useful for those who want a ready-to-use downloadable tool that can assess many different aspects of the viability of the potential investment in a hotel.

There are a range of factors that have been included in this Hotel Investment Appraisal, some of which include:

- Assumptions: This covers the assumptions made on areas such as occupancy rate, average daily rate, revenue breakup, cost of revenue, overhead operational cost and more.

- Income statement: Also included is an income statement, which covers revenue, and covers tax and Return on Investment calculations.

- Cash Flows: Detailed tab incorporating unleveraged cash flows, free cash flow to equity, project IRR and NPV, equity IRR and NPV, land investor IRR and NPV, and construction investor IRR.

- Financing: Yearwise financing for cost of land, cost of permission and cost of construction.

- Sensitivity Analysis

- Loan Amortization Schedule

- Working Capital Requirement: Including inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable and outstanding overhead operational expenses.

Download this Hotel Investment Appraisal now.

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