How to Put Together a Complete Growth Programme
Originally published: 03/11/2017 09:51
Publication number: ELQ-69705-1
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How to Put Together a Complete Growth Programme

How to start, hire for, and scale a growth programme.

The sections in this guide are:

1. When you should put money into growth

-> Retention check including examples
-> Knowing what is good retention and what is bad retention

2. Constructing a growth team

-> The most typical structure
-> The characteristics of a good Project Manager for a Growth team
-> The characteristics of a good Growth Engineer
-> The characteristics you should seek out for a data scientist
-> The timing of hiring the first growth team

3. A To-Do List for the first year of your team

-> Setting a definite goal and deciding key metrics with examples included
-> Determine channels for growth, with examples included
-> Organize tools & systems
-> Set up a system to research users
-> Continuous repetition

4. Establishing in which department the growth team should operate

5. Growth in your makeup

6. Words of thanks

*Originally posted on Y Combinator's blog:

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