Assisted Living Development Model
Originally published: 14/11/2020 08:37
Publication number: ELQ-69466-1
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Assisted Living Development Model

Assisted Living Development Pro Forma Model in Microsoft Excel.

Made to order Assisted living Development Model

The contents are as follows:

- Assumptions Tab
Dashboard with main metrics and charts;
- Annual & Monthly Cash Flows;
- Flexible Lease up schedule with pre-lease option;
Operating cash flow with specific Assisted living type of costs;
- Construction Loan + Refinancing + Mezannine;
Draw Schedule;
Sources and Uses with Charts;
- Waterfall Structure.

This model is:
- Clean and transparent;
- Professional;
- Reliable;
- 100% dynamic;
- Easy to use, understand and modify;
- Prepared by an industry professional with a significant track record;
- Institutional quality;
- Presentable;
- Includes only useful information.


This assisted living (day care) development model will help you to:
- Present main economics of an investment opportunity;
- Estimate rates of return and measure NPV for an investment development;
- Measure operating, capital and financing costs;
- Present the cash flow of an investment;
- Perform valuation of an investment property;
- Assess the feasibility of the refinancing option and an amount of taking out;
- Assess a range of rental and exit scenarios;
- Assess a range of financing options.


- Dashboard with all the main metrics;
- Cost/Unit, Sale Price/Unit, Net Rental Revenue;
Sources and Uses;
- NOI, Debt Service, Net Leveraged Cash Flow;
- Exit Sale Price is calculated on stabilized NOI and assumed exit cap rate;
- DSCR, Cash on Cash Return, IRR, Equity Multiple, Net Profit;
- Financing components including refinancing of the senior loan;
- Common Equity Waterfall.

In case you have any questions or concerns before purchase, please feel free to contact me directly.

If you have specific requirements for the model or need a consultation, please also contact me.

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