Excel Invoice Template
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Excel Invoice Template

This Excel Template has a professional look and helps to streamline the process of invoicing in a company.

This Invoice Template from Someka is a simple yet professional Excel model.

Invoices are used to record transactions, often between an employer-employee or seller-buyer. In accounting, they are crucial for keeping track of payments and important pieces of information, such as the price paid, the date of sale/purchase, and whether there is any outstanding debt.

This Excel Template enables the user to vary the inputs according to their market. The units, tax rate, and discounts can be adapted so as to fit accordingly with local customs. Helpfully, once the user’s numbers have been entered into the template, the totals will be automatically calculated.

The template is printer-ready and can also be easily exported to PDF. This allows the business to efficiently send the invoice to its clients.

One of the most useful features is the way in which the user can save existing clients to the client database. For future payments to past payees, the user can then select the existing client from a drop-down menu and their details will be automatically added to the invoice.

Excel Invoice Template Features:

- Expert design
- Separate Customer Database
- Existing customers are saved to accessible drop-down menus.
- Adaptable to the region
- Print ready

This template, compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions, is ready-to-use and requires no additional installation.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Spreadsheet, 1 YouTube Video

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