Savings Interest Excel Calculator
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Savings Interest Excel Calculator

Savings Interest calculator will identify interest payment growth.

It is very important for people to protect money and wealth from devaluation, especially in a world with inflation. Because of this, people usually protect their money by putting it into a savings account, as it is not difficult and it is secure. This brings simple and compound interest on any money you deposit.

To bring in a bigger interest rate, you need to increase the amount deposited and the length of time it is deposited for, but this also means less financial liquidity. This Savings Interest Calculator Excel Template allows you to see the different results of different inputs so that you can then select the best option for you.

The template is divided into two sections- assumptions and outputs.

You can calculate the bank's payments to your savings account with our calculator. To do this, you need to input the data for Deposit Amount, Interest Rate, Deposit Date, Interest Calculation Frequency, Duration and Interest Type (Simple or Compound). Then, the template will create a schedule for you.

After the schedule has been made, you can monitor the interest and accumulated deposit. Furthermore, it is possible that the results from the schedule are not what you need, so you can simulate other scenarios to compare.

White cells represent the input parts whereas the grey ones represent the calculations made. Input your financial data and allow the template to find the best situation for you.

Features Summary:
Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually payment options
Compound and Simple Interest Type
Easy to fill
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions

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