Startup Cap Table Excel Model Template
Originally published: 24/08/2018 15:59
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Startup Cap Table Excel Model Template

A complete startup cap table to help you manage your fundraising with your investors.

This simple excel Startup Cap Table Template allows you to keep track of your equity and various arrival of investors progressively.

As a startup founder or Finance Manager, keeping control and tracking your shares and distribution of power is key for your long term success.

The workbook consists of 5 tabs:
- Cover
- Pre-Investment Cap Table (Cap Table Pre-Investment + Cap Table Summary)
- Angel Investor #1 - with dedicated Cap Table Summary
- Convertible Note (Convertible Notes Inputs + Calculations for Share Conversion)
- Series A Cap Table (Series A Inputs, Cap Table Summary Option Pool Expansion Pre-Investment & Post Series A, Pre-Investment Cap Table & Series A Cap Table).

This Cap Table is currently built for:
- 2 Startup Founders (Initial 75KUSD Valuation)
- 5 employees
- 2 Angel Investors (Pre-Money 150KUSD Valuation)
- 3 Series A investors (Pre-Money 4MUSD Valuation)
- Option Pool
but can be easily edited to correspond to the specific needs of your startup structure and fundraising requirements.

The numbers are purely here for demonstration purposes, so the equity can be split differently depending on your Startup History.

Should you have any questions on the Startup Cap Table Excel Model Template, feel free to reach out to me via Private message via my Author Channel on Eloquens here:

Good luck!

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