Retail KPI Dashboard Excel Template
Originally published: 04/03/2019 13:14
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Retail KPI Dashboard Excel Template

This is a Key Performance Indicator for your retail business.

This is a ready-to-use key performance indicator for a retail business to measure their successes.

It is available to download instantly, and comes with an accompanying video in order to help the user better comprehend and utilize the tool.

This KPI takes the most common key metrics to ensure the user can be evaluate performance. These sections include:

- General Management: This section of metrics included analysis on the net profit, COGS, ROI, Revenue by Payment type, and Gross Profit Margin

- Sales: The sales metrics will help to analyse the sales per square foot, sales by product category, sales per employee, conversion rate, and sales cycle length.

- Inventory: Turnover of inventory, shrinkage rate, sell-through rate, average inventory, and the level of stock that is out.

- Customer: Average transaction value and customer spend, percentage returning customers, the frequency of store visits, net promoter score.

- Employee Management: Dedicated to analysis on the total hours worked, payroll, average number of employees, turnover, and employee satisfaction.

This KPI is available to use with Excel 2007 and newer versions, displays both monthly and cumulative values, and works with Mac and Windows.

If you have any questions feel free to start a discussion below, or reach out by private message via our Eloquens author channel.

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