Design thinking
Originally published: 02/05/2021 19:54
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Design thinking

In this video, I talk about the design thinking methodology.

Building on my importance of entrepreneurial failure video, in this video, using the Stanford University School of Design Thinking methodology, I show how to minimize the instances of entrepreneurial failure. Using the design thinking method, I show entrepreneurs how easy a business can be started by just focusing on problems. I define entrepreneurship as matching problems to solutions and, using the design thinking modality, I show entrepreneurs how to focus on fully understanding a problem prior to attempting to solve it. I talk about how, historically, entrepreneurs and business executives have attempted to create solutions to problems that may not exist. They create products and services that customers might not particularly need. I discuss how this push approach has often led to failure whereas, because design thinking is customer centric, it can minimize failure. Using design thinking, I talk about the need to hold off on the solution-orientation mentality and spend a significant amount of resources attempting to understand a problem, using observational tactics and empathy. In the video, I take viewers through each stage of the design thinking approach, namely: empathy, define, ideate, prototype, and test. I outline the significance of needing to continuously get outside of the building. In the video, I tangentially focus on the importance of passion to not only the design thinking method, but also the entrepreneurial process, in general.

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