Investment Banking IB Cover Letter Word Template
Originally published: 10/10/2018 10:24
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Investment Banking IB Cover Letter Word Template

This is an Investment Banking cover letter template, brought to you by CFI.

This is a cover letter template aimed at those applying to investment banking positions and is brought to you by CFI.

Investment banking cover letters have different levels of importance compared to other industries. It is necessary to follow the standards in order to avoid slipping up. It is therefore necessary to keep IB cover letters short and straight to the point.

There are a number of straightforward steps to follow for an Investment Banking cover letter:

1) Introduction

This needs to capture the reader's attention, while summarising your profile and achievements. This will include academic scores, your university name and why / how you have applied for the position.

2) Your relevant experience and company fit

This section will contain your experience, and how this experience has shaped your professional skills today. It is then imperative to relate this to the position in order to demonstrate your suitability to the firm - this is because culture fit is important in banking.

3) Conclusion

Re-emphasise your abilities and why they are right for the company, referring to your attached resume and how you are contactable.

Download this template instantly in order to ensure that your cover letter is suitable for the investment banking and finance positions that you are applying to.

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