Adi's Growth Framework
  • Adi's Growth Framework
  • Adi's Growth Framework
  • Adi's Growth Framework
Originally published: 11/02/2020 16:54
Last version published: 11/02/2020 18:14
Publication number: ELQ-82864-2
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Adi's Growth Framework

The growth framework I created to help me quickly identify the best rapid growth opportunities for startups.

Hi All,

Over the past decade I have worked with quite a few startups around the globe. During this time I found a really interesting commonality between all of the startups that saw viral growth. Those that flourished took into account four key factors when choosing which customer acquisition channels to invest in. To make sure that I took these key success factors into account when designing growth strategies for my own clients (at, I designed various iterations of this rapid growth framework.

So what are the four key factors? OSER (organic search engine ranking), OSMR (organic social media reach), WFCR (whole funnel conversion & retention & ICOP (internal company operations & procedures). When you evaluate how a marketing strategy impacts these four areas of your business, you should automatically be drawn to those strategies that will lead viral growth and sustainable business processes. 

Why am I sharing my most valued intellectual property with you now?

Before attending IE Business School’s International MBA program, I did not truly appreciate the power of using frameworks to develop growth strategies for startups. After IE, I realized that to become the best startup growth strategist out there, I would need to create my own framework.

At the prompting of a few well respected mentors, I’ve decided to publish the latest version of my framework to the web. I hope that it helps you as much as it has helped me and my clients.



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Further information

This tool is designed to help marketers and founders select the highest ROI customer acquisition channels for each unique business model.

Startup growth, new venture development, go-to-market strategy development.

always consult a professional before making any legal or financial decisions. This excel does not take the place of advice from a professional human being.



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