Employee Time Tracker Payroll Excel Template
Originally published: 08/10/2018 14:46
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Employee Time Tracker Payroll Excel Template

This is an Employee Time Tracker and Payroll Template allowing businesses to manage their payroll more efficiently.

This Employee Time Tracker and Payroll Template brought to you by Someka, is a clear and easy-to-use Excel download allowing business owners to keep time tracking and payment calculations for the payroll more efficient.

As a small business owner, one may find themselves having several Excel spreadsheets storing data on employee work hours and payment amount calculations. This template, however, allows for a more organised and thus careful method of payroll calculation, with color coding for better visualization.

This Excel download has three areas for user input. This includes:

- Employee name and job title

- Daily fees

- Days worked

The template will then provide a summary of the total monthly payments and can be easily managed through the dropdown boxes provided. Tax laws and regulations have been omitted from this tool due to their variance between different countries, however, it is possible to enter this information on top of the output.

It is compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions, is ready-to-use and requires no additional installation.

The accompanying video concisely demonstrates the ease of entering one's own data into the actionable cells. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to start a discussion below.

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