How to Provide and Effective Feedback that Makes A Lasting Impact

Feedback is information about someone's behavior. Providing the right kind of feedback is essential

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Feedback, when give properly, can boost productivity and morale while building relationships.  But when given poorly feedback can destroy relationships, frustrate and anger people; it's worth getting it right. 

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    Be timely

    The closer the feedback is given to the behavior the more effective the feedback is likely to be. There's nothing worse than getting feedback about something you did 10 months ago.

    thumb_up-> Provide the feedback as soon as you are able, but make it a priority; this is not a case of better late than never

    thumb_down-> Embarass someone by providing feedback in front of others or when you are angry
    -> I know I just said don't give feedback when you are angry
    -> Seriously, don't give feedback when you're angry

    lightbulb_outline-> Provide feedback as soon as possible, but remember that privacy and a lack of emotion on your part out weighs the need for expedient feedback.

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  • Step n°2 |

    Plan your feedback session

    A good feedback session is a learning experience, not an opportunity for you to vent your frustration by lecturing a person on what you hate about them.  Sit down and think about what you value in the person and what behavior you hope that they will change.  Remember, you can only make suggestions; you can't force someone to change so you will want to provide a real incentive for them to change.

    thumb_up-> Have a clear idea of what you want changed and why.
    -> Write down a couple of sample statements you might make
    ->Address multiple issues in a feedback session

    thumb_down-> Write a script or bring "talking points" to the feedback session

    lightbulb_outline-> Feedback is about coaching someone's performance. If you really don't want them to be successful than skip the feedback session.

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