Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Model
Originally published: 08/03/2021 08:51
Last version published: 12/07/2022 10:11
Publication number: ELQ-25814-10
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Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Model

This detailed but clearly structured commercial real estate model will help you to quickly underwrite deals

The purpose of this model is to provide a detailed, robust yet easy-to-use template to evaluate commercial acquisition. It can be used as a fully functioning stand-alone model or as a base template for further customization. opportunities. The model contains various output tabs with expressive graphics. Tabs are formatted to be printed on standard-sized paper for easy presentation of investment memos. Therefore, it is ideal for brokers or investors, who need to present deals to clients, partners, or lenders. Even though the model is clearly structured and is trying to minimize the tabs needed it is not a beginner model. This is a model designed for intermediate to advanced users with a knowledge of commercial real estate. I created a quick introduction video to explain the model, which can be found in link below: Link below is a pdf print out so you understand how the model is structured: you are looking for an easy to use model to quickly size deals please check out the one in link below: model is designed for a max. hold period of 10 years with up to 50 tenants, though the expansion of those parameters is possible. Please review the color-coding methodology and explanation of tabs/macros before getting started. Note this model is provided completely unlocked. To ensure that no essential cells are overwritten, it is recommended to protect input sheets. This model has been extensively tested, but may contain errors. If you think you came across an error please contact the author to review and fix it. For customization or training of this tool, it is recommended to contact the author of the model as he will be most qualified to assist.Hope you enjoy the model-Julian

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To create an easy to use and fast model to evaluate commercial real estate acquisitions

intermediate to advanced excel users with knowledge of commercial real estate

absolute excel beginners are going to have trouble with this model

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