Residential Investment Property - Acquisition Model - 20 year Three Statement Model with Income Tax and CGT
Originally published: 15/06/2022 15:48
Publication number: ELQ-12235-1
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Residential Investment Property - Acquisition Model - 20 year Three Statement Model with Income Tax and CGT

This Residential Property Acquisition Model will provide 20 years of Three Statement analyses plus Valuations, Income Tax and CGT consequences.

This Residential Investment Property Acquisition Model will provide you with detailed monthly Cash Flow Statements, Annualised Income Statements and Balance Sheets for 20 years. This Model is standout because it also covers Annual revaluations in the Balance Sheets and the consequent CGT dependent on your chosen CGT estimating percentages. The Valuations and dashboard carefully consider your Income Tax Bracket, and CGT consequence providing you with a real return on investment. We measure Investment returns with NPV, IRR and MIRR which is suitable for funders, and Investors alike. The only data that you are required to input is the basic rental/lease Income that you expect to receive in year 1, plus the annual escalations expected, and the basic expenditure associated with the property such as property taxes, utilizes, maintenance etc, and the loan amount with the term and annual interest charged. On the Income Statement sheet, you will input your estimated tax bracket, and on the Balance Sheet, you will estimate the % of CGT that you could be liable for. This model is an excellent tool not only for Property Investors but also for rental agents who want to provide an added service of excellence. Whether assisting clients with acquisitions or simply delivering financial statements and forecasts on existing portfolios. Residential Investment Property Acquisitions should always consider the net effect after Tax and CGT where applicable. You will not find an easier Valuation and Analytical Model to operate. The Excel Model also provides for a detailed annual Tax Computation and is easily adaptable with clear formulas to each report page.

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This Best Practice Model will allow you to evaluate any residential property for acquisition and also assess your Tax and CGT consequence.

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