Shop Balanced Scorecard Template Excel
Originally published: 13/09/2021 08:07
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Shop Balanced Scorecard Template Excel

Ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard Template with examples of KPIs for different business domains.

The Balanced Scorecard Template referred to as the BSC, is a business performance management tool which is developed for strategic decisions. That’s why it’s known as well as a strategic management tool.

Tracking a Balanced Scorecard Template can help manage feedback, learning process, determine the target figures and provide information on the chosen strategy. Furthermore, there are numerous potential benefits of Balanced Scorecard Template tracking such as evaluation employee’s work performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and goal settings for the future.

Balanced Scorecard Template Key Features

- Beautiful scorecard to display the performance of the 4 perspectives in a single page

- A status view report that clearly shows the status of the indicator using color icons (red, yellow, and green)

- One dashboard for each perspective (Financial Dashboard, Customer Dashboard, Internal Business Dashboard, and Learning & Growth Dashboard)

- Measure and monitor progress towards strategic targets

- Align the day-to-day work that everyone is doing with strategy

- Prioritize projects, products, and services

Balanced Scorecard Template available visualisations

FINANCIAL | Often renamed Stewardship or other more appropriate name in the public sector, this perspective views organizational financial performance and the use of financial resources.

CUSTOMERS | This perspective views organizational performance from the point of view the customer or other key stakeholders that the organization is designed to serve.

INTERNAL PROCESS | Views organizational performance through the lenses of the quality and efficiency related to our product or services or other key business processes.

LEARNING AND GROWTH | Views organizational performance through the lenses of human capital, infrastructure, technology, culture and other capacities that are key to breakthrough performance.

STRATEGIC VISION | The Balanced Scorecard Template suggests that we view the organization from four perspectives, and to develop objectives, measures (KPIs), targets, and initiatives (actions) relative to each of these points of view: Financial, Customers, Internal Process and Learning and Growth"

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