How to determine and find your
Originally published: 22/12/2017 16:18
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How to determine and find your "Brand Filter"

A Brand Filter is a way of quickly capturing a company's culture. Download this tool to find out how to create one.

Starting a company is really busy, and you're under pressure to get a lot of things done in a short space of time. So as the company grows fast, you can find yourself losing sight of the bigger picture.

How can we ensure that we're on the same page as the co-founders? It's essential that everybody stops for a second to consider what we're actually building. What are the company's core values and the things that are considered the most important. How does everyone want to feel while they're working? What experiences do we want to deliver to the client? How can the brand be explained to a PR or marketing agency?

How can we ensure that the first recruits match the company's vibe?

Basically, how can we define and communicate the company culture?

This is why the brand filter works so well, and it's so easy:

Firstly, choose 5 short phrases or better, words that describe your business.

Print the phrases and stick them to your computer.

Every time you do something, hire a new employee, design something new, check what you're doing against the list.

Not everything you do will completely match, but you'll be able to tell if it's about right. And you'll be able to easily relay your list to others.

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