Key Top Line SaaS Term Excel Model
Originally published: 19/03/2019 14:53
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Key Top Line SaaS Term Excel Model

This is an Excel model template to help you better understand key SaaS terminology.

This is an educational Excel model which is extremely useful for those looking to develop a greater understanding in Software as a Service terminology.

With many different terms and abbreviations in SaaS models, this download will help to link
examples to the terms in order to help give context to their functions.

This model, which is available to download instantly, comes with four main tabs, including:

- Google Example: This tab shows the assumptions and metrics, including revenue, accounting revenue, deferred revenue, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Annual Recurring Revenue, Bookings (commitment to payment), Gross v Net booking, Billing, Total Contract Value (value of all bookings), Annual Contract Value, Gross Merchandise Value.

- Customers: Including sign-up date, plan, contract, payment frequency, professional services and contract months.

- Calculations: A more detailed look at the calculations for the assumptions and metrics used in the first tab.

- Chart: The chart is a visual way of understanding the data for the MRR, ARR, Bookings, Billings, Revenue, and Deferred Revenue.

To better understand these terms and how they work, enter your own figures and observe how they impact the data. If you have any questions on SaaS models don’t hesitate to start a discussion below or private message via my Eloquens author channel.

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