Automatic Organizational Chart Generators - Advanced Version

This Automatic Organization Chart is an efficient model for depicting an organization's structure.

This Automatic Organizational Chart Generator (Advanced version) from Someka is a great Excel Spreadsheet template, created for medium and large organizations with 40+ employees.

An organizational chart is a diagram showing the structure of an enterprise. It shows the hierarchy of positions/ jobs, as well as how they relate to one another.

Once a business reaches a certain number of employees, organizational charts are very useful for detailing the internal structure of a business. For new employees especially, they are a great way of visually demonstrating the company’s layout.

When hiring, it can become a hassle chopping and changing the roles and branches of responsibility on a chart. This Excel model by Someka eases the process and adds a level of automation to the process.

In 2 simple steps, the chart is produced:

1. Insert the employees’ names, roles, and to whom they report
2. Click the button

In addition, Someka’s Chart warns the user if there are potential errors due to illogical reporting lines.

Advanced Version Features:

- Recommended for medium and large organizations, 40+ employees
- 4 Reporting line layout options: Below-Horizontal, Below-Vertical, Side-Horizontal, Side-Vertical
- Box design is customizable
- Colors can be changed

The accompanying video offers a quick and simple tutorial of how to navigate the Excel Model. The Chart Generator is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions. It also includes macros and VBA code (so enable macros).

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Spreadsheet, 1 YouTube Video

Acquire business license for $40.00

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