Fundraising Process Manager Tool
Originally published: 04/02/2020 15:52
Publication number: ELQ-41198-1
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Fundraising Process Manager Tool

Be diligent about your process. Use this tool, update it, be focused and dynamic about it and improve your luck raising!

Targeted at Startup entrepreneurs trying to raise from VCs and the VCs trying to get some love from the LPs.

If you don't know me already, my shizzle is mostly targeted at the startup guys that got no money in the bank, but this will also work for an investor raising funds, you just might have change some of the headings.

This has been a work-in-progress since like 2013, so it's pretty fecking exceptional now by my standards. Also, seeing as most people really suck when it comes to Excel, I made this one very user friendly for all you nOObs out there. Thank me later. I know this admin is really BORING, but trust me dudes and dudettes, you will save insane amounts of time using this tool, instead of tracking back through your cluttered inbox and scrolling through emails to remember where you're at with your 20+ leads... I know you won't listen to me and learn for yourself later, but a handful of you will and I am here for you smart cookies!

This tool contains all the relevant heading you need to consider, just plug in your own data to these categories: Raise amount - want, need and range, cities, sector, lead/follower, number of investors, check size and stage.

Different sheets include: Target sheet, List sheet, Check sheets, Intro stage and Warm intros, Investor details, Progressing sheet, Delegation, VC details and process, Potential ticket, Materials sent, Updates, Offers Sheet, Overview, Offered Section,Willing Flow sheet, Maybe follow, unsure sheet and allocations sheet.

This Best Practice includes
2 Excel Spreadsheets, 1 text document with links for Google Sheets

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