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How to Get Started in UX

Step-by-step guide on how to start on a pathway to a UX career.

This video lays out a step by step method on how to get started out in UX. It provides a visual guide to help you learn and understand what you have to do to become successful in your pursuit of a UX career. It also provides recommendations for lots of great resources in terms of tools, software, and reading.

UX Designers are currently in demand. Managers and executives are realizing that a user's experience of a company's product or service is crucial to their bottom line, and that that experience can be designed.

The 6 recommended steps are as follows:

1. Get educated.
This doesn't mean investing 3 years and thousands of dollars into a university degree, this means reading useful books and seeking out some of the great online courses out there.

2. Get the right tools.
This means software- y-framing software.These will empower you to be able to create low fidelity prototypes and test them with real users. Your tool kit should also include pens, paper, and post-it notes!

3. Get some experience.
This could be a personal project, working for a non-for profit that you'll donate some time to, or a hypothetical client that you take upon yourself to research and re-design. Take a user-centered approach, and fold in regular feedback from users along the way.

4. Get connected.
Find other UXers in your area. Reach out to bloggers in the UX space, ask questions in forums. Relationships you make will be invaluable to you.

5. Get a mentor.
This doesn't need to be a formal relationship, but it does need to be someone who's more experienced who can provide you with advice on how to solve design problems and manage your career.

6. Get hired.
This involves taking all of that experience that you have accumulated and presenting it in some sort of portfolio either online or in print like many other graphic designers do. You should use this portfolio to explain the processes you follow. Use it as a launchpad to tell a story about the projects you've worked on.

Watch the video to find out more, and see what great resources they recommend!

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