Trade Journal Excel Template
Originally published: 08/10/2018 14:53
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Trade Journal Excel Template

This is a fantastic Trade Journal Template providing help for traders tracking the development of transactions.

This trade journal template, brought to you by Someka, provides a detailed yet clear and effective Excel download for the user. This tool is essential for helping traders track the development of their transactions and evaluate their next decision.

This can be a very time-consuming task for traders, particularly those traders operating a high-volume on a daily basis. This template is therefore a great time-saving tool, increasing the efficiency of trading activities.

There are a number of sections included in the template, this includes:

Raw Data: An area where the user can input their own raw data which can be exported from a different source, i.e. agency software. Here, the user is able to control their commission rates, and define their differing rates per broker.

Trade Log: This section displays the raw data that has been calculated and filtered per transaction.

Weekly dashboard: Here the user is able to see the weekly performance of their transactions. As new data is added to the raw section, new days and filters will appear.

All trades dashboard: This dashboard presents the comprehensive performance of the logs. In particular, the cumulative net profit / loss chart will provide an effective indication of long term decisions.

Metadata analytics: This stems from the data that is input right of the Trade Log.

Broker Call Tracker: An independent part of the template, this allows for specific data to be input.

Settings: The user can input source data for the drop down menus. One is also able to manage Entry Time Calculation, defining different intervals for different categories.

This trade journal template is ready-to-use, and will help to make the trading process more efficient. It is compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions. There is also an accompanying video tutorial to help the user better understand and utilise this model.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to start a discussion below. To find more useful templates and models from Someka, please visit the channel page.

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