Dropshipping E-Commerce Financial Model Template
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Dropshipping E-Commerce Financial Model Template

Shop Dropshipping E-Commerce Pro Forma Projection. Based on years of experience at an affordable price.

Model Highlights

Creates 5-year dropshipping e-commerce 3 way financial model template, profit and loss proforma, financial statements, and financial ratios in GAAP or IFRS formats on the fly.
Use Dropshipping E-Commerce 3 Way Forecast Model to get funded by banks, angels, grants, and VC funds. Unlocked - edit all - last updated in Sep 2020.

Model Overview

Generates financial model in excel template for the dropshipping e-commerce, profit and loss statement proforma, break even analysis, and financial metrics in GAAP/IFRS formats automatically.


External stakeholders, such as banks, may require a regular forecast.
If the business has a bank loan, the bank will ask for a Dropshipping E-Commerce Cash Flow Format In Excel regularly.

Save time and money
Via Financial Projection Model you can without effort and special education get all the necessary calculations and you will not need to spend money on expensive financial consultants. Your task is building a strategy, evolution, and creativity, and we have already done the routine calculations instead of you.

Gaining trust from stakeholders
Investors and financing providers tend to think in terms of the big picture. They want the c-level of the companies they invest in to do the same to ensure they maintain a clear idea of the future. Providing stakeholders with a monthly pro forma cash flow projection will demonstrate a level of awareness that leads to confidence and trust and will make it easier to raise more investment.

Saves you time
Pro Forma Template Excel allows you to spend less time on finances and more time on your products, customers and business development

Spot problems with customer payments
Preparing the Cash Flow Projection encourages the business to look at how quickly customers are paying their debts. Identify unpaid invoices and take necessary actions to make them pay.

Confidence in the future
Using our financial model, you can effectively plan, prevent risks, manage stocks and Projected Cashflow Statement and foresee your prospects for the next 5 years.


Our Dropshipping E-Commerce Profit Loss Projection has a well-developed methodology for creating a cost budget. You can plan and forecast your costs from operations and other expenses for up to 72 months. The cost budget has a detailed hiring plan while also automatically handling the expenses' accounting treatment. You can set salaries, job positions, and the time of hiring.

Moreover, the model allows users to calculate hiring as the company scales automatically. Pre-built expense forecasting curves enable users to set how an expense changes over time. These pre-built options include % of revenues, % of salaries, % of any revenue category, growth (or decline) rates that stay the same or change over time, ongoing expenses, expenses that periodically reoccur, expenses that regularly change, and many more. Costs can be allocated to key expense areas and labeled for accounting treatment as SG&A, COGS, or CAPEX.

Performance KPIs
Cost of acquiring new customers. The cost of acquiring new customers is a critical financial metric for start-ups, and it should be in our Dropshipping E-Commerce Financial Projection Model Excel. The cost of acquiring new customers is the total cost of the marketing divided by the customers' number during the year.

Top Expenses
In the Top expenses section of our Dropshipping E-Commerce Three Way Financial Model, you can track your more significant expenses divided into four categories. The model also has an 'other' category, and you can expand or change this table according to your needs.
You can reflect your company's historical data or make a Financial Model In Excel for the five years.

With our Dropshipping E-Commerce 3 Way Forecast Model, you will get proformas for valuation analysis. You will be able to perform a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation analysis and other valuations you may need.

Sources and Uses
The sources and uses statement in this Dropshipping E-Commerce Excel Pro Forma Template describes all of the company's funding sources and the ways it spends these funds.

Cash Flow KPIs
Operating cash flow. Operating cash flow calculation shows how much cash the company generates from the business operations. This calculation does not include secondary sources of revenue, like interest or investments.

Financial Statements
Our Dropshipping E-Commerce Financial Projection Excel has pre-built consolidated financial statements: p&l proforma, Balance Sheet, and pro forma cash flow projection. These financial statements can be presented on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
Users can also import existing financial statements and reports from Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, and other accounting software to create rolling forecasts and to make actuals vs. forecasts comparison.


Increase your productivity with Excel Templates. Plan future Cash Flow Statements to avoid Cash Flow shortfalls. Manage finance with Budgeting Spreadsheets.

- Henry Sheykin

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Further information

The purpose of the Dropshipping financial model excel template is to provide the user with a useful tool to craft an effective strategy for business development and understand, whether the business idea is profitable or not.

Key questions/purposes which will be answered with the help of the Dropshipping Financial Model Excel Template are as follows:– to understand, whether the Dropshipping business ideas are profitable;
– to calculate average Dropshipping revenue;
– to understand how much does it cost to open Dropshipping;
– to calculate expenses on salaries and wages of Dropshipping workers;
– to calculate Dropshipping startup cost and Dropshipping monthly expenses;
– to estimate costs of Dropshipping finance and time needed to loan payback;
– to craft an effective strategy of how to open an Dropshipping in your home;
– to estimate how much does an Dropshipping owner make.


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