Accounts Receivable Analysis Excel Calculator
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Excel Calculator
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Excel Calculator
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Excel Calculator
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Excel Calculator
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Excel Calculator
Originally published: 17/04/2019 14:22
Last version published: 24/04/2019 09:16
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Accounts Receivable Analysis Excel Calculator

Tool to evaluate a company’s Debtors and Accounts Receivable

Go further into the analysis of your business health with this useful calculator.

This Accounts Receivable Analysis template is an efficient tool to evaluate a company’s Debtors and Accounts Receivable. The model analyzes and evaluates how effective and reliable a company’s debt collection is. Accounts Receivable Analysis is important to a business because it directly influences the revenue (and therefore profit) of a company, its cash balance, as well as the Cash Conversion Cycle.

With this Accounts Receivable Analysis calculator, you will be able to analyze Receivables by individual debtors and overdue periods; input data easily from your accounting system & calculate the expected amount of Accounts Receivable.

The model includes four worksheets:
1. Template for Input data: collects the information on each debtor, such as the amount of debts for each overdue period
2. Analysis by individual debtor: displays the breakdown of its debts for each individual debtor by overdue dates
3. Analysis by delay time: displays the breakdown of debts by each overdue period
4. Recovery forecast: automatically calculates the real (expected) amount of Accounts Receivable outstanding. This data can be used to calculate the values for bad debts and doubtful accounts as well as the required amount of provisions for them.

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