Seed Stage Venture Capital Investor Pitch Deck Template

Pitch your investors better using an optimised Investor Pitch Powerpoint Deck.

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Being an investor, I come across a lot of investor pitch decks. Sometimes they are great and I get to learn a lot!

More often than not, regrettably, pitch decks are not as satisfactory. Key information is missed, they are not structured and they don’t simply get the message across!

But the reality is that no one was born knowing how to pitch to investors, it’s something that comes with practice.

As to help founders in pitching to investors, I designed the following template investor pitch deck. No doubt, some improvements can be made, but I aimed to make it with a lean style to elicit feedback.

You can find the deck below as a PPT presentation.
If you have any thoughts on improving the pitch, do let me know in the discussion feed below!

-Alexander Jarvis,

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