The Internet Email Template
Originally published: 04/12/2017 15:11
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The Internet Email Template

Template email memo to use for internal emailing in your startup.

Pass this around the employees in your startup to change the way you send emails to each other. The aim of this template is to save time on reading emails and to know what emails should be prioritized. Using this you should be able to control how employees communicate with you.

Codes can be used for emails. They refer to how subject headers are written and how the emails are structured. Using codes in your emails is great because they

-Make it so much easier to parse emails and see what needs to be replied to

-Increase the frequency of receiving short, well-structured, and to the point emails

-Make it clearer on who had to do what

-Decrease the volume of emails

-Decrease the amount of pointless 'reply alls'

A formal memo has been created and shared so that you can start improving emails within your startup.

This Best Practice includes
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