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Introduction to Data Analytics for Accountants

It is an introductory level short course on data analytics for accountants, auditors, and other finance professionals.

It is a 1 hour and 20 minutes short course on data analytics for accountants, auditors, and other finance professionals. Data analytics is a Next-generation skill for accounting and finance professionals.

Majority accountants and finance professionals still use different terms interchangeably and are unfamiliar with various terms and concepts. The course aims to give you a birds-eye view of data analytics, the process, and multiple tools that help carry out data analytics rather than teaching a single application.

We will cover in this course.

- Overview of Digital Skills and where Data Analyst role fit in this world.

- What is Data Analytics

- Different Data Structures and why accountants should understand the difference.

- Types of Data Analytics

- Process of Data Analytics

- Few popular tools to perform Analytics and examples

- What is an outlier and it can be useful in audits

- Introduction to sentiment analysis and how it can be useful to improve products

- Skillset required to make the best use of data

- A brief introduction to machine learning and how it can be useful in making investment decisions.

By completing this course, you will understand the basics of data analytics and what you can achieve by using it in your professional life.

See you in the class!

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