Capitalization Table Excel Template
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Capitalization Table Excel Template

This template is a useful tool for a startup company or early-stage venture to list all the company’s securities.

A cap table is a spreadsheet used by startups or early-stage ventures that details all of the company's securities, for example: common shared, preferred shares, warrants, owners of warrants, and the prices paid by the investors for these securities. It tells us the percentage of ownership in the company for each investor, the value of their securities and dilution over time. Cap tables are first created before other company documents in the early stages of a startup or venture. After a few rounds if financing, the cap tables become more complex, and it details the potential sources of funding, IPOs, M&As, and other transactions.

A simple, easy-to-use capitalization excel template that can be altered and modified to suit your organisation's needs.

Apart from recording transactions, a cap table also comprises many legal documents such as stock issuances, transfers, cancellations, conversion of debt to equity and other documents. The executives must manage all these transactions and documents accurately to show the events since the company’s inception. The simplest form of cap tables lists the shareholders at the beginning and their respective share ownership. Cab tables are used by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and investment analysts to analyze important events such as ownership dilution, employee stock options and issue of new securities.

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