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What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the implementation of both technologies and user learnt techniques with the goal of reducing systems', networks' and programmes' vulnerability to cyber-attacks. The overall aim is to protect your computer and its contents from these attacks that typically aim to obtain access to, modify or destroy confidential information, extort money from users, sometimes even through manipulation of the user, or interfere with normal business operations.

Why is Cybersecurity so important?

Cybersecurity is essential for keeping our sensitive information private and away from those who want to use it for a malicious end. Nowadays so much of so many people’s private information is online. With more devices than users, and each device being susceptible to innumerable cyber-attacks of varying type, it is practically impossible to adequately protect your devices and the private information on them without the implementation of sophisticated cybersecurity technologies. Now more than ever, good cybersecurity is a must for any business operating online.

Benefits of Cybersecurity?

  • Preventing anyone gaining unpaid access to content or information that must be paid for.
  • Reduces a business’s likelihood of having its sensitive data accessed, after which it can be leaked, damaged, or destroyed.
  • Essential for business efficiency as certain cyber-attacks temporarily prevent access to files and systems which can waste time.
  • Cyber-threats can also be costly – ransomware demands a ransom be paid before a company can regain access to its files or computer system. Attacks of this kind often impede whole departments functioning normally and sometimes the whole company. Employees’ inability to work during such attacks means the business misses out on profits while they last.
  • For companies that have users storing private information on their platform, for example social media companies, strong cybersecurity is essential for protecting end users and endpoint devices.
  • A company’s ability to minimise the frequency and gravity of its cyber-attacks results in developers, partners, investors, customers, and employees having greater confidence and trust in the company, all of which is important for a company’s prosperity.

Types of Cybersecurity threats:

Phishing – emails made to resemble those of a reliable source that are sent by scammers with the aim of tricking the receiver to think it is from that reliable source and so making them feel comfortable to give up sensitive personal information, most commonly credit card details.

Ransomware – It is a type of software that is capable of blocking access to files or the computer system of a user or company. The hackers demand a ransom to be paid before they unblock access to the files or computer system however there is no guarantee they will follow through with what they agreed.

Malware – It is a type of software designed to gain unwarranted access to your computer and its contents and cause damage to it, often by corrupting or wiping important files and documents.

Social Engineering – Social engineering is the use of psychological manipulation tactics to trick or coerce the user into divulging sensitive information. Often gaining access to this confidential information is the end goal but sometimes they use the user’s sensitive data to blackmail them, most commonly for a monetary payment. Social engineering is used in tandem with the other threats to make you more likely to click on links, download malware, or believe a scam.

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