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Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses different forms of pull marketing like content marketing, blogs, events, SEO and social media in order to create brand awareness and attract new customers. The idea is to attract these customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them, and rather than interrupting your audience with content they don’t want like with outbound marketing, inbound marketing creates connections that they are looking for and solves existing problems for them. Instead of attempting to catch the attention, inbound marketing earns the attention of customers and makes the company easier to be found.

You can find out more about what Inbound Marketing is here.

What are methods and strategies of inbound marketing?

-Content hubs with how-to guides, blogs, case studies, webinars, white papers and product information

-SEO, using effective keyword analysis, well-structured site design and other SEO best practices to launch your company to the top of search results

-User-generated content and social media marketing campaigns

-Interactive online content pieces in partnership with related business to increase digital PR and promotional opportunities

-Creating quality content for your target audience via blogging on your company blog

You can find out more about Inbound Marketing Strategies here.

What are the benefits of Inbound Marketing?

There are many benefits to using Inbound Marketing nowadays, as it can give you the ability to :

-Shape a brand preference and influence future purchases.

-Generate social media shares and inbound links.

-Put customers in the driver’s seat.

-Help fuel search engine optimization efforts.

-Increase brand awareness.

-Enable customers to engage with your brand at their point of need, 24/7.

-Generate qualified leads for less money (when compared with traditional marketing).

Where can I find best practices, strategies and tactics on Inbound Marketing?

For companies looking to implement Inbound Marketing, the Eloquens catalogue has a variety of best practices and strategies designed and built by professionals and experts. You can also build and self-publish your own on Eloquens directly.

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